MAD MAX Maestro George Miller Finally Has A New Movie In The Works

Oh, what a lovely day.

We've been not-so-patiently waiting for George Miller's next film ever since Mad Max: Fury Road melted our eyeballs back in 2015, but the years since have mostly found the director treading water: thanks to an ongoing financial dispute with Warner Bros., a Fury Road sequel (and, possibly, a Furiosa spin-off) never made it off the ground, and though Miller expressed interest in "doing something small" before heading back into the wasteland, no such project ever materialized. It's been kind of a bummer!

But today brings good news: according to Deadline, Miller has completed work on the screenplay for his next film, which is apparently called Three Thousand Years of Longing. The logline's being kept under wraps, but Deadline says it's "unlike anything the filmmaker has done before" and "epic in scope" (this could mean just about anything; whatever it is, we're excited). Miller and FilmNation will bring the project to next week's American Film Market, where it's expected to have no trouble finding a home. 

If you're wondering, Deadline's report closes with a brief mention of the ongoing Mad Max fiasco. According to their sources, the financial dispute between Miller, his production partners and Warner Bros. has not yet been resolved, but has also "not closed the door" on either of Miller's proposed Fury Road sequels happening. That's mildly encouraging!

At any rate, we're very hyped to hear Miller's got a new project in the works, and can't wait to learn more. Chances are we'll hear a little something when Three Thousand Years of Longing hits the AFM (and, presumably, much more once it starts filling out a cast). Stay tuned for further updates as they become available. 

(Note: Header photo by Georges Biard, used with permission via Wikimedia Commons)