New OUTLAW KING Trailer Looks Mighty Familiar

“They’ll never take our… wait, what’s another word for ‘freedom’?”

David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water followup Outlaw King has had a journey. Goaded by negative reactions out of TIFF, Mackenzie cut the film down to size for its November 9 Netflix release, losing about 20 minutes. Considering it started out at 137 minutes long, that was probably a smart thing to do.

Now we have a new trailer for the film, filled with lots of Chris Pine battle scenes and speeches. Check it out:

Given the subject matter, comparisons to Braveheart are going to come up no matter what. But there are shots in this trailer that seem to directly mimic that movie, which is a weird choice. On the other hand, Braveheart came out in 1995. Maybe it’s old enough to lift from or homage however Mackenzie sees fit. All that really matters is if it’s any good or not.

We’ll find out pretty soon. I have a feeling this’ll be one your dad will want to watch at Thanksgiving. And given rumors of Chris Pine Peen, your mom might be interested as well.