Please Remain Calm, ‘90s Kids, But: They’re Remaking CLUELESS

This was probably inevitable.

Here's a development we probably should've seen coming: according to Deadline, Paramount has a Clueless remake in the works, with Girls Trip's Tracy Oliver producing and Glow writer Marquita Robinson writing the script.

Given the enduring love for Amy Heckerling's original, it probably goes without saying that Clueless is an absolute classic, a formative film that continues to serve as a very specific (yet still relatable!) time capsule for the era in which it was made. It launched the careers of more than one star (Paul Rudd's in it, looking basically the same as he does now), proved that Alicia Silverstone was a lot more than "that lady from the Aerosmith videos", and introduced a number of catchphrases into the pop culture lexicon. It is an iconic '90s film.

Couldja update it, make it a bit more relatable for today's Teens? Oh, most definitely. Will the existence of a new Clueless erase the memory of Heckerling's original? Of course not. Will that matter to the type of people who get super-duper bent outta shape about remakes? Not on your life. 

This entire thing's still in very early development, so there's not much more to report at this time. Probably gonna be a while before we hear anything new about it, in other words. Stay tuned for further updates as they roll in, and please spend the interim revisiting Heckerling's original and not getting too upset about this new one. Everything's gonna be fine, I'm sure of it.