That Awesome-Sounding New George Miller Movie Already Has Actors And Everything

Good ones, too!

Last night we learned that George Miller is finally making another movie. Regardless what it is about, that is good news. Turns out it’s not another Mad Max movie but instead something called Three Thousand Years of Longing. We don’t know what it’s about, but Deadline is calling it a fantasy romance that may involve a genie of some kind. It almost sounds like One Hundred Years of Solitude's title mixed with a tiny bit of Love in the Time of Cholera's themes. I used to read books.

And in less than twenty-four hours, we now also know two of its cast members. Apparently Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will be in the film. Who are they playing? We don’t know! Will Swinton be an old man in this one? We don’t know that either! We don’t know shit, and that’s okay!

Given all that ignorance, there isn’t much more to add to this one. Obviously, we are very interested in this project and will keep you updated on any new developments. They aren’t even planning to start shooting until next year, so let’s all try to remain patient in the meantime. I may or may not be talking more to myself on that score.