ARROW 7.03 Review “Crossing Lines”

JJ Diggle faces his first interrogation.

This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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Time to turn the “Team Arrow has gone four episodes without making incredibly bad choices” sign back down to zero. This season seems to be taking a look at how far someone’s willing to go when their loved ones are in danger. For the members of Team Arrow, that’s pretty damn far. Though we’re used to Oliver making bad decisions, there’s usually a voice of reason acting as his conscience. With the team currently splintered, it seems there’s no one to act as that voice of reason for anyone, and they’re all off messing everything up.

So long as Oliver Queen is in prison, we’ll see Arrow’s storylines splintered into several plots. “Crossing Lines” forgoes the flash forwards to add in a Dig and Lyla subplot while Oliver stabs people in Slabside and Felicity tricks the FBI. Though their bad decisions don’t go completely unchecked, it seems keeping your moral compass around is important for both Mr. and Mrs. Queen.

Predictably, Danny “Brick” Brickwell didn’t deliver on his promise to help Oliver once he got rid of the resident hard ass guard. Brick promises to take him to someone called “The Dragon” after Oliver keeps his word, but he sends a shiv-wielding Ben Turner to meet him instead. After the situation is under control, Oliver’s small friend Stanley makes a comment about never trusting anyone in prison. Feather in your cap if you were one of the many people acknowledging that the dude can’t be trusted, because that basically seals the deal for that particular character’s future alignment.

Though Oliver’s back to making dumb decisions, it’s not all bad! Wrestling fans got a Cody Rhodes vs Stephen Amell rematch with Sampson and Oliver facing off in Brick’s makeshift fight ring. The guards were all in on the fights, so is it really all that bad that Ollie cut them up to get on the fabled Level 2 where this “Dragon” character most certainly isn’t? (It is.) It ultimately won't matter, because Oliver made his choice and Brick got exactly what he wanted: the Green Arrow out of his way.

Felicity’s situation goes a little bit differently than Oliver’s, but she does remove a player from the game! In a moment of desperation, she goes to Special Agent Watson in hopes of being brought in on the chase for Diaz. Watson eventually agrees, but their little sting goes just about as well as you’d expect. Diaz and the Longbow Hunters are all in the wind, and Watson will be reassigned for going off book.

You expect “Crossing Lines” to be about what Oliver’s willing to do when, in actuality, it ends up being more about Felicity’s fall from grace. We’ve seen her make less than great decisions in the past, but never one that she knows will actively hurt another person. The person affected might be the woman directly responsible for ruining her life and her family, but damn, Felicity. Rene and Felicity’s decision to capture Silencer on their own and hide her from the FBI is peak bad idea, but it also may have hosed the career of a woman who genuinely believes in the law and the good it can do. Here’s hoping there’s some backtracking later on in the season and one Felicity Megan Smoak does some serious apologizing.

While the Queen family makes their many mistakes, the Diggles take Curtis on a little vacation. The details of their Argus mission honestly weren’t worth remembering, but the issues it sparks between John and Lyla are. It seems Lyla has uncovered something bad that the higher-ups (who the hell are the higher-ups at Argus?) don’t see as a problem just yet. Dig may have been willing to turn away the Hood to protect his family, but Lyla’s not as ready to let her duty outweigh her responsibility to stand up to the bad in the world. It’s a role reversal for the Diggles, but a welcome one!

Next week things might get a little bit weird. Felicity turns to Black Siren for help, upping the ante on just how stupid she’s willing to be. That part’s pretty mundane, but it looks as if Oliver might be going to therapy? Don’t get me wrong, the dude absolutely needs teams of doctors talking to him about his list of issues, but his doctor looks to be bad news. There are needles and platitudes and creepiness afoot at Slabside Maximum Security Prison.

If you had a favorite moment from “Crossing Lines” we want to hear it below!