Russell Crowe Is Very Disappointed In The Latest BOY ERASED Trailer

The latest installment in this Fall's unofficial "Bad Sons" trilogy.

This Awards Season, come to the cinema and discover that you're not the only child who's disappointed their parents.

Emily's already reviewed the first entry in this Fall's unofficial "Bad Sons" trilogy (the Steve Carrell/Timothée Chalamet dopesick love chronicle Beautiful Boy), but Lucas Hedges looks to be the king of disappointing his dad with the duology of Ben Is Back and Boy Erased, where he respectively plays both a troubled addict and a gay teenager sent to conversion therapy by an increasingly puffy Russell Crowe and his bewigged preacher's wife, Nicole Kidman. 

Leigh's already laid eyes on Joel Edgerton's directorial grab for a golden statue (which adapts Gerrard Conley's 2016 memoir of the same name), and found quite a bit to like about it, saying:

"...Boy Erased is a harrowing narrative of needing to choose between one’s well-being and one’s only sense of community, and the examination of that choice's shameful underpinnings is insightful and devastating. As an award-season Big Issue movie, there is still a distasteful element of pain voyeurism in watching young people suffer a modern injustice for two hours, but if one must appeal to the Gods of Golden Statues, Joel Edgerton has made something worthy of our attention."

Now, there's a second full-length trailer for the picture, which promises a real feel-bad time at the movies. Take a look:  

While I get what kind of elevated hucksterism they're going for, it was tough for me not to scoff at this spot inserting stats at the end of its brief runtime regarding those being held in conversion camps (complete with a charitable donation link). That said, The Gift was a nasty little revenge riff, and Edgerton's my boy, so I'll follow him wherever he may go with that camera of his. 

Boy Erased hits theaters in limited release this Friday, November 2nd, before expanding to other cities in the coming weeks. If you've got an impending Oscar pool in your office, you should probably check it out.