Well It’s Come To This: A MADEA FAMILY FUNERAL Gets Its First Trailer

The end of an era!

Since almost the beginning, Tyler Perry has not minced words about his desire to kill his popular Madea character. I don’t know if he actually plans on doing that in the suggestively titled A Madea Family Funeral, but this is meant to be the character’s final film.

While I’m pretty used to being alone on this one, I really do like Madea. I enjoy the weird extended universe of Madea characters (it’s been way too long since Mr. Brown or Cora showed up in one of these!). Not all of them are good, but I was ready to give them all a shot because you never know. 2013’s A Madea Christmas was surprisingly great!

So the fact that he’s ending this particular series of films is kind of a bummer. At least it looks like Medea’s going out on a high note. Check out the first trailer for A Madea Family Funeral:

Given that the plot involves an actual funeral, I don’t think Medea’s death is a foregone conclusion here. It might just be shenanigans as usual ending on a united family and that’s that. What I REALLY want to know about is this new fourth Tyler Perry character who apparently talks through a voice box. I want a whole movie of that, please.

A Madea Family Funeral comes out March 1, 2019. I will be there. Crying. Probably by myself.