OVERLORD Director Julius Avery To Deliver FLASH GORDON Update

But who's gonna sing "Flash! Ahhhh-ahhhh!"?

For film fans of a certain generation, Flash Gordon means the universe.

The garishly awesome costume design. Sam Jones' golden mane. Max von Sydow just chewing scenery as Ming the Merciless. That Queen theme song. Seeing the movie on 35mm with a crowd of the devoted at this past Beyond Fest was a total treat, as the infamous Dino De Laurentiis production still possesses the campy power to transform even the most "serious" viewer into a fifteen-year-old kid. 

Naturally, there's a remake in the works. Actually, Fox has been trying to get the potential franchise-starter off the ground since 2015, and were previously talking with Matthew Vaughn to take the reins. Those chats fell through, and now it's going to be Overlord director Julius Avery who writes and steps behind the camera for this new iteration of the former old school serial hero.

What's interesting is that, speaking as someone who's seen Overlord, nothing in that movie really points toward Avery being an obvious candidate to helm a new Flash Gordon, aside from a pervading tone of high adventure that floats his WW II horror tale of GIs versus Nazi zombies. That's a good thing. We need outside the box choices like this in order to keep our mainstream entertainment fresh and interesting. 

No start or release date have been eyed, and with the impending Disney/Fox merger, this movie may be sped up to beat that dreaded amalgamation of corporate forces or get lost in the transition completely. In the meantime, try and catch Life After Flash - the doc about Sam Jones currently making the fest rounds - and then start doing your own fancasting regarding who you'd love to see as Gordon, Ming, and whatever that fucking eagle guy's name was who yells "Gordon's alive?" in that awesome voice.