THE FLASH 5.04 Review “News Flash”

Iris makes the best bananas.

This post contains spoilers for The Flash.
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This week’s episode of The Flash has got some momma drama going on! It also manages to show off what episodes featuring a flavor of the week villain should look like. “News Flash” takes a swing at fake news with a metahuman twist, focusing on the fame-chasing Spencer Young. Though its focus isn’t on the primary story, that arc still progresses on the sidelines while the West-Allens sort out their domestic issues and a blogger with delusions.

Nora’s had mommy issues since revealing herself to the current day Team Flash. After watching Iris try to connect for four weeks, we finally find out why. It seems that future Iris chose to dampen Nora’s powers, keeping them a secret from her all of her life. This one’s tricky, because even though future Iris probably had a pretty solid reason for dampening Nora’s powers, her daughter has every right to be pissed at her for it. The two have a solid moment when Iris has to walk Nora through putting out a fire early on in the episode, but it seems as if that relationship is on ice for the moment. Iris isn’t alone this time though.

While Nora has every right to be furious at her mother, the woman she’s taking it out on has done nothing but love her since her introduction. The ladies have one final showdown in the med lab while Nora is recovering, but things don’t go nuclear until Barry steps in. He trusts his wife, and knows that there must have been a damn good reason for Iris to make the call she did with their daughter. This results in a betrayed Nora running to Poppa Joe’s, where she’ll be staying for the time being.

Someone’s got to keep the ship afloat while the West-Allens have their domestic, so Detectives Wells and Dibney stay on the Cicada trail. Though Ralph’s dumb enough to advertise his whole Meta situation while they’re on said investigation (and right under Cicada’s nose), they do manage to learn a thing or two about this year’s big bad. So far they’ve got a lung damaged father with a magic lightning rod, but hey, L’il Miss Bloger had a magic cell phone.

The Flash’s decision to introduce meta objects is an interesting one that should result in plenty of interesting issues as this year’s chapter unfolds. Meta tech aside, it seems Cicada’s no longer solely reliant on his power-stealing bolt. While his wound worsens, Cicada’s physical strength increases. This will spell trouble for Team Flash, but only if that wound in his shoulder doesn’t kill him first.

This episode may sound heavier than the prior three season five offerings, but it still had plenty of humor to play with. Cisco’s on the bench, which means Caitlin and Iris had a chance to step up to the plate. The very plate that Barry Allen undoubtedly tripped over while playing softball. You can give a dude superpowers, but you can’t make him good at sports. Conversely, you can be the best wife in the world and still be a miserable cook. Iris can whip up a mean banana though! Throughout all of this, Wells is still calling Dibney “giraffe”, and has learned that Caitlin doesn’t need Killer Frost to throw her right hooks.

To close out, we just want to give a shout-out to the way Nora’s sexuality was handled in “News Flash”. There’s no pageantry around her interest in women. There are no acknowledgments, no discussions, it just is. We’re slowly getting to a point where being something other than straight is viewed as so normal that it doesn’t need the acknowledgment. No one bats an eyelash when their child is straight, and this week her parents didn’t bat an eyelash at Nora being gay. More of this, please!

Next week Team Flash faces a giant bucket of creepy. We don’t know what’s going on, but we hate the mask and we hate him, whoever he is. While you get prepared for that, we want to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode in the comments!