Ridley Scott’s Moving Forward With A Sequel To GLADIATOR

Are you not entertained?

Not too long ago, I spent no small amount of words telling you about the batshit insane Gladiator sequel Ridley Scott almost made a few years ago. Written by Nick Cave, that version of Gladiator 2 would've followed Russell Crowe's Maximus into Limbo and through his eventual rebirth on Earth, before ultimately arriving at one of the ballsiest endings ever to be written for a major studio film. It was absolutely bananas, and a real bummer it didn't get made.

Well, guess what? Ridley Scott's interested in making Gladiator 2 again, but they're not moving forward with the Nick Cave draft. This is gonna be some other version, written by Peter Craig (The Town), and will follow the ongoing adventures of Lucius, nephew to Joaquin Phoenix's Commodus and son to Connie Nielsen's Lucilla. As you may recall, Maximus saved Lucius from death at the end of the first Gladiator, and apparently that act of heroism left quite an impression on the lad. 

I guess this is cool and all if you're super into the idea of Ridley Scott returning to this time period (or if you're just a Lucius superfan), but we're having a hard time getting excited about this pitch when we know how balls-out insane that other version of Gladiator 2 would've been. We might never get over it.

Anyway, nothing further to report at this time. Stay tuned for further updates on Gladiator 2 as they become available.