Equalize This: Antoine Fuqua To Make Up His Own Superheroes With INFINITE

If one of them isn't named Captain Murder, so help me...

Antoine Fuqua is one of our weirder working directors, making R-rated big budget matinee pictures that just happen to usually involve Denzel Washington killing the fuck out of as many people as possible. Some folks don't have the stomach for Fuqua's often corny carnage. Personally speaking, I hope he keeps making these wacky, mega hit movies until the end of time. 

Now comes Fuqua's very own UnbreakableInfinite. According to THR, the invented superhero movie follows:

"...a group of immortal beings that have been reincarnated for centuries, appropriately called the Infinite. This group of special men and women must join forces to defeat some villain hellbent on destroying the world. And to aid them in this mission, the Infinite will need the help of a schizophrenic man who will learn that all his vivid dreams are actually memories."

Oh my Lord, there's so much potential in that synopsis for Fuqua to get really wild with it. Like The Equalizer, it's totally going to fit into his strange brand of transforming a possible psychological affliction into a superpower. Since it's going to be produced by Trash Meister Lorenzo di Bonaventura (the Transformers films) and is written by Ian Schorr (who penned the sadly underseen Shea Whigham horror ripper Splinter), there's a decent chance that Fuqua could unleash a fair amount of costumed blood and guts upon your local Regal's fourth auditorium. 

But the real story is: who does Denzel play and how many people does he murder? While Fuqua is a super successful director, there's an argument that none of those box office hits would exist if the two hadn't continued teaming up since Training Day. Please, please, please, put Washington in his very own made up R-rated superhero movie. I will pay all the money to watch these two go berserk in their own iteration of the Industrial Cape Complex.

To be continued...