Can You Guess Which Of These Are The Titles For The Next Four AVATAR Movies?

Four are (allegedly) real. The rest, not so much.

This week, the folks over at BBC News got their hands on exclusive, internal documentation which they claim reveals the titles of James Cameron's next four Avatar movies. The titles themselves are about what you'd expect, and the easiest approach here would involve us listing them out and asking you what you think. 

Easy, yes, but also boring.

So instead of doing that, we've cobbled together a list of thirty-five possible Avatar titles (one for every moon in the Pandoran sky*). Please read through the list below and - without clicking over to the BBC's report! - see if you can guess which ones are (allegedly) legit.

  • Avatar: Avatar Shmavatar
  • Avatar: The Last of the Na'vi
  • Avatar: Bioluminescence
  • Avatar: The Heart of the World
  • Avatar: Oceans of Time
  • Avatar: Sully's Requiem
  • Avatar: The Way of Water
  • Avatar: Açaí Tomahawk
  • Avatar: Tubthumper 
  • Avatar: Avocado Boyz Ride Hard
  • Avatar: The Littlest Reich
  • Avatar: The Ratava Trails
  • Avatar: Incident at the Smoothie Hut
  • Avatar: In The Valley of Gwangi
  • Avatar: The Seed Bearer
  • Avatar: Tatonkas Gone Wild
  • Avatar: Enter Lioness and Tiger-O
  • Avatar: The Unobtanium Ultimatum
  • Avatar: Mr. Bonestripper
  • Avatar: The Tulkun Rider
  • Avatar: Crimson Waterfalls
  • Avatar: Farthammer's Revenge
  • Avatar: Valley of Shadows
  • Avatar: The Secret of the Ooze
  • Avatar: The New Element
  • Avatar: The Colors of the Wind
  • Avatar: They're Not Rocks, Marie, They're Minerals
  • Avatar: Undertow
  • Avatar: The Bad Touch
  • Avatar: Desolate Moon
  • Avatar: The Trials of Ryaketh
  • Avatar: The Center of the World
  • Avatar: Tambourine Solo
  • Avatar: The Quest for Eywa
  • Avatar: The Search for Sully

Once again: four of these titles are, allegedly, the real deal (if it turns out the BBC got 'em wrong, we'll update this post). But which ones? See if you can guess in the comments section below, and stay tuned for more on Avatars 2 through 5 as further updates become available.

* = We have no idea how many moons Pandora has.