It’s A Christmas Miracle: ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Hits Theaters In December

It's DEADPOOL 2, just a little bit less.

Back towards the end of September, we learned that 20th Century Fox was assembling a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, with an eye towards putting the movie in theaters this December. In the time since, we've heard very little about what's going on with that project, but today we've got quite an update.

According to Deadline, the re-cut, PG-13 edition of Deadpool 2 will be known as Once Upon a Deadpool, and will hit theaters on December 12th (in a limited engagement ending on Christmas Eve). As previously reported, this version of the film will strip out all the profanity and graphic violence that earned Deadpool 2 its R-rating, but will also include brand-new footage in the form of a newly-shot framing device, one we suspect we've already had a peek at...

Here's the best part, though:

There’s a major charity component to the limited-engagement release, too, as Reynolds explained to Deadline: "Because it’s the season of giving, we will also be giving $1 for every ticket sold to F-ck Cancer, which will be renamed Fudge Cancer just for this limited time and campaign."

Yes, that's right: 20th Century Fox is double-dipping on Deadpool 2, but part of the proceeds are going to a good cause (no word on whether or not the same will hold true for Once Upon a Deadpool's inevitable home video release, but we're thinking that's probably a safe bet). According to Reynolds, this was one of his two prerequisites for allowing a PG-13 cut of the film to move forward. The other one? "I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage."

Pretty cool, all the way around! What do you folks think, though? Think you'll give Once Upon a DeadApool a whirl when it hits theaters? Think you'll stay home and rewatch the R-rated version? Are you one of those folks who's unreasonably cranky about Deadpool movies? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on the Merc with a Mouth as further updates become available.