Killer Whale To Fight Killer Sharks In Possible Contender For New Greatest Movie ALPHAS

Now, let's just get rid of that stupid ass title.

Killer shark movies are easily some of the best movies ever made. I'm not going to provide any facts to back that claim up, because it's really just an understood truth between folks who can use their brains and understand that sharks killing stuff is basically why Edison invented the movie camera (see also: Channing Tatum dancing and/or bloodthirsty clowns). 

Well, Voltage Picures understands the filmic "Shark Rule" and are backing the genre film Alphas (ugh, that title). Written by Frank Hannah (The Cooler), the insane-sounding project revolves around: 

"A coastal community terrorized by a school of sharks. The townspeople decide the only way to deal with the man-eating threat is to unleash a damaged killer whale held for years in solitary confinement after it killed its trainer."

So, it's basically Demolition Man, but with sharks and a killer whale. *Nods vigorously with enthusiasm.* 

Alphas is set to be helmed by Stephen Quale, whose name should be familiar to James Cameron fans. Quale was Cameron's protégé and second unit man on Avatar and Titanic, before going solo and lensing the somewhat underrated Final Destination 5. Essentially, if you're going to put out an "effects-heavy tent pole", Voltage have selected the right man for the job. 

Now, can we just get rid of that terrible title (which feels like it was chosen solely for algorithm reasons)? How about Murder Whale? Or Bloody Shark Battle? Anything would be better than Alphas, which sounds like a lost motorcycle gang pilot for The Chive network. 

To be continued...