Carve Up More Than The Bird At Joe Bob Briggs & Shudder’s DINNERS OF DEATH Marathon

Joe Bob's back at the drive-in for a Thanksgiving blood feast.

He already crashed the servers once at Shudder, but this Thanksgiving, Joe Bob Briggs promises that the top IT guys at AMC's all-genre network are gonna be on their A-Game, so that you can let that post-Turkey Day Tryptophan surge wash over your body while a set of four trashy films play.

Yes, it's Dinners of Death, Joe Bob's second Shudder marathon special, which promises to blow your sleepy mind out the back of your skull quicker than a dinner table debate regarding the merits of the Trump Administration with your Right Wing-leaning Aunt Sally (who is now, sadly, buried in the back yard). Shudder dropped a quick trailer for the "dusk 'till dawn" event (which is not even half the length of The Last Drive-In, thank my stars), featuring Mr. Bloom in full-blown huckster mode. 

Take a look:

Bring on Black Thursday. For those of you wondering what Briggs' favorite movie is (which he's promising to show at Dinners), a quick Google search will probably suffice (though you can probably guess what a good Southern horror fan would select).  

Anyways, Dinners of Death airs promptly at 9 PM EST/8 PM CST on Shudder. Bring some extra pumpkin pie and Lone Star for good measure.