It’s Official: Derek Mears Is The New SWAMP THING

In which the DC Universe makes a great pick.

Back in September, word circulated that DC Universe wanted genre veteran Derek Mears to headline its forthcoming Swamp Thing series. Today, that piece of scuttlebutt has been confirmed: according to Deadline, Mears will strap on the moss, branches, and slime to play the titular role in James Wan's superhero/horror series, and we're confident that he'll look good doing it.

For those unfamiliar with Mears, dude's a perfect fit for this role. In addition to being 6'5" tall, the guy's genre bonafides are unimpeachable: Mears played Jason Vorhees (in the otherwise ill-advised Friday The 13th reboot), a Predator in 2010's Predators, and a hillbilly mutant by the name of Chameleon in 2007's The Hills Have Eyes 2. Have you played any of those roles? I think not, and that's why you're not the new Swamp Thing.

This new iteration of Swamp Thing comes to us from James Wan's Atomic Monster, and will debut on the DC Universe streaming service sometime next year. We're hyped to hear Mears has joined the cast, and are very curious to see what he looks like in full Swamp Thing mode. 

Stay tuned for further Swamp Thing updates as they become available.