LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 4.03 Review “Dancing Queen”

Zari really needs to learn the appropriate way to talk about someone's mother. Dang.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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Love makes humans do real dumb stuff. Sometimes it makes us let super villains run free because we believe they deserve a chance to be good, or abandon our friends for a desk job even though we’re not cut out for that kind of work. Hell, sometimes it even makes us try to erase ourselves from existence! That last one might be a bit extreme for anyone who isn’t a Legend or some sort of warlock, but you get the overall point.

“Dancing Queen” puts Ray in the thick of it with a punk rock band that wants to stick it to the man! Yes, Legends of Tomorrow aired an episode about a misfit (Charlie) taking on the monarchy on Guy Fawkes Day. You can’t possibly have expected anything different. Ray Palmer is by far the kindest and most wonderful Legend, but that big heart of his can lead him to some unfortunate choices from time to time.

Though he stumbles upon Charlie’s punk group on accident, The Smell, Ray finds himself bonding with the band after going undercover. He’s lost his time bro and is in love with a villain, little buddy’s having a bit of a time. It makes perfect sense that he’d be more gullible than usual, and that Charlie’s quite a charmer. Ray’s been really into dark chicks lately. Perhaps he’s going through his rebellious phase!

Being charming isn’t Charlie’s only superpower. It seems that the rocker’s a shape shifter, and Constantine’s pretty eager to get her back in hell where he believes she belongs. Here’s where we run into the inevitable struggle as to whether or not being magical makes you inherently evil. Clearly that can’t be the case, since they’ve literally got a warlock on the team. All of this is to say that the Legends are forced to take a long look at themselves in the mirror. Some of them don’t like what they see but, let’s face it, some of them hated themselves before this whole Charlie business even began.

The team makes the call not to send Charlie back to hell, but Constantine’s unwilling to parlay with a shape shifter. The warlock steals her power, forcing her to remain the last form she took. Seems like a pretty solid solution, but the last form she took was that of Amaya, and not all of the team is ready to see her face again after her sad departure last year. Some team members are so sad about it that they run away to Time Bureaus and abandon their friends. Maybe I’m being a little hard on Nate for bailing on the team, he’s sad and his emotions are valid. But, to be fair, this is a lot more professional than what I said my response was going to be if this inevitable story arc occurred last week.

Personal feelings aside, Nate being chained to a desk at the Bureau isn’t all bad. He and Gary had an adventure, after which Gary gifted him Audrey 2’s cousin, because of course he did. Plus, if Nate weren’t around we wouldn’t have gotten to see the adorable taco girl who has a thing for Gary! Do you think she’ll be upset about the fact that he only has one nipple? We’re rooting for you, little buddy. Just stop erasing her mind and convince Ava to let you tell her that a unicorn bit it off.

Legends of Tomorrow is still early on in its third season, but it’s leaning into all the wackiness that makes it incredible. It refuses to take itself seriously for a moment, but still maintains stakes and heartfelt moments between its characters. Things are going to be rough with Charlie running around with Amaya’s face, but it will undoubtedly lead to just as many hijinks as it does emotions. “Dancing Queen” pushed John a little bit closer to the team after unwillingly teaming up with Z through the course of the episode. Most importantly, Johnny boy learned about the ball kick paradox.

If you had a favorite moment from this week’s zany episode of Legends, we want to hear about it in the comments!