Robert Eggers Follows Up THE WITCH By Almost Getting Punched By Robert Pattinson

Sooo THE LIGHTHOUSE sounds wild.

Good news - this story has everything.

First: according to IndieWire, Robert Eggers has completed work on The Lighthouse, his long-awaited follow-up to The Witch, with the intention of putting the film in theaters sometime next year. Odds seem good for it hitting next year's Sundance Film Festival, given the rapturous response The Witch received there back in 2015.

Secondly: The Lighthouse was apparently shot on black-and-white 35mm. We hadn't heard that until now, and it's an interesting curveball from Eggers. Black-and-white films aren't known for setting the box office on fire, but perhaps - between Eggers directing and the one-two punch of having Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson starring in the film - The Lighthouse will be able to overcome general audiences' aversion to that format.

Third: The Lighthouse is said to be "a fantasy horror story set in the world of old sea-faring myths.” Sold.

And, finally: Dafoe recently interviewed Pattinson for Interview Magazine, where the pair revealed that the working conditions on The Lighthouse were ... eh, less than luxurious. Pattinson claims to have had trouble understanding the script, and mentions shooting one particular scene which called for him to be sprayed in the face with water, again and again. That builds up to this quote, which is one of the best things we've read today:

"That’s the closest I’ve come to punching a director. However much I love Robert [Eggers], there was a point where I did five takes walking across the beach, and after a while I was like, “What the fuck is going on? I feel like you’re just spraying a fire hose in my face.” And he was like, “I am spraying a fire hose in your face.” It was like some kind of torture. It definitely creates an interesting energy."

So, to recap: a new movie from the director of The Witch hitting theaters next year. The reveal that it was shot on B&W 35mm. A very intriguing logline. Robert Eggers being sassy on set, and almost getting punched in the face by Robert Pattinson as a result. Toldja this story had everything.

Stay tuned for more on The Lighthouse as further updates become available. We're very excited.