Bryan Cranston Has No Idea If He’ll Appear In The BREAKING BAD Movie

That makes two of us, sir.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Breaking Bad.

And the (meth) hits just keep on comin'. 

Yesterday we learned that Vince Gilligan would soon begin production on a Breaking Bad movie, and we weren't quite sure what to make of the news. Was it a feature film? A one-off TV movie? Who'd appear in it, and what would it be about? At first, there were precious few answers.

Then, just about an hour ago, Slashfilm confirmed that the Breaking Bad movie (currently operating under the title Greenbriar) would revolve around Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman, and essentially function as a sequel to the dearly-departed AMC series. There was no word on which other Breaking Bad cast members might appear in the film, just that the plot would take place after the events of the show's explosive series finale.

Now comes an interview with Bryan Cranston on The Dan Patrick Show, where the actor - who famously played teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White - says that he's unsure if his most famous character will play a role in the film. In fact, he says, he hasn't even read the script.

Here's a few choice quotes from the above, in case watching video ain't your thing:

“Yes, there appears to be a movie version of Breaking Bad, but I honestly haven’t even read the script...there’s a question of whether or not we’ll even see Walter White in this movie. Think about that one (evil laughter).”


“If Vince Gilligan asked me to do it, then sure, absolutely. He's a genius...

This idea, from what I’m told, gets into ... at least a couple of the characters that were not completed as far as their journey.”

Just as a reminder, Walter White died in the final episode of Breaking Bad, so if Walter White were to appear in the movie (or the limited event series, or TV movie, or whatever the hell this thing actually is), it's likely that he'd appearing only in flashback. One can imagine a hundred different scenarios where that trick might be employed in a story about Jesse's journey to ultimate freedom, and all of those scenarios are likely less compelling than whatever Gilligan and company may have come up with. Conjuring interesting new narrative wrinkles is sort of their thing.

Look, we apologize for the high volume of Breaking Bad movie coverage on the site today, but we're not that sorry; in all honesty, we're absolutely fascinated by this thing, and can't wait to see where it takes us. Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.