New AQUAMAN Character Posters Continue To Promise Goofiest Movie Ever

Airbrush all of these on the side of your van (down by the river).

We're about six weeks away from James Wan's Aquaman arriving in theaters, bringing along all of its hyper-colorful, prog rock album cover visuals with it. To celebrate, Wan is taking the movie on a "World Tour", possibly in a conversion van that star Jason Momoa has decorated himself and will smoke a ton of pot in on the way. 

This massive PR campaign will feature cast and crew, participating in live-stream activities and engaging with fans at events via social media. If you're into that shit (and who wouldn't want Willem Dafoe to just Tweet weirdness at them?), here are the dates:

November 18 – Beijing: Film Footage Screening and Fan Event
November 26 – London: Live Stream World Premiere
December 1 – New York City: Fan Event
December 11 – Manila: Asian Premiere and Fan Event
December 12 – Los Angeles: Live Stream U.S. Premiere
December 14 – Miami: Press Day
December 18 – Gold Coast: Australian Premiere
December 19 – Sydney: Fan Event

Ahead of this arena-blasting transmission from an underwater galaxy of misfits comes a new string of character posters, letting us all in on the joke that nobody can be taking Aquaman too seriously. First up, Momoa as the Fish Man himself...

Then there's Black Manta, who I'm honestly way into more than any of these others because it looks like a straight-up cartoon villain:..

Next we have Dolph Fucking Lundgren as King Nereus, guaranteeing I eat a bunch of weed and see Aquaman on Day One...

Which brings us to Patrick Wilson, who I just feel bad for. Why they keep doing my bb like this? 

Then there's Amber Heard, playing Sexy Halloween Ariel...

Next up: Willem Dafoe, inexplicably letting someone photograph him in Legolas cosplay...

Then there's Nicole Kidman as...wait, what the fuck? Nicole Kidman is in Aquaman? Now I'm contractually obligated to watch it...

Anyway, Aquaman comes out December 21st, the day before my birthday. My cup runneth over.