Laika’s MISSING LINK Gets Its First Trailer

And it’s a charmer.

We’re lucky that in this age of CG animated films all over the place, we still get stop-motion animation movies as well. And the best in the business is Laika. At this point, I’ll watch anything they put out.

Which means my ticket is figuratively already sold for Missing Link. You can catch the first trailer for the film below:

While I really am all the way down for Laika jams, I have to admit this trailer isn’t doing a ton for me. There’s a lot of charm on display and the voice acting (primarily Zach Galifianakis and Hugh Jackman here) sounds good. But the jokes aren't winning me over, and it looks like the darker/cooler tone of past Laika films is totally gone on this one.

But that’s just nitpicking. I’ll still probably be around opening day. I love stop motion animation, and as I said above, feel lucky that we even still get to see movies like this on the big screen at all.

We’ll all get the privilege when Missing Link comes out April 12.