Wait, what? Michael Chabon Is Working On The Jean-Luc Picard Show?

Why didn’t any of you assholes tell me?!

Sometimes things get busy and stuff can fall through the cracks. It’s shameful but true. My current shame is somehow missing a picture of Michael Chabon sitting next to Patrick Stewart in the Capt. Picard writer’s room. In my defense, I was probably doing something very important. Maybe a nap. Self care, everyone.

But now, the news is hard to miss as Chabon’s Short Trek "Calypso" is available to watch and trades are publishing interviews with him about the experience. For those who don’t know, Chabon is an incredible novelist, writer of The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay as well as Wonderboys and so much more. He has a Pulitzer and everything.

And now he’s… writing Star Trek. Not just Star Trek but he’s in the writer’s room of the much anticipated Jean-Luc Picard show. I could be overdoing it a bit, but that’s just incredible and seemingly the opposite approach to whatever’s going on over at Discovery.

I canceled my CBS All Access pass, so I have yet to see Chabon’s "Calypso", though I am very very tempted. It apparently takes place 1000 years into Discovery’s future and focuses on a soldier who gets rescued by a ship run by a lonely and evolved AI. That sounds about perfect.

And whenever one of these cool-sounding new shows finally hits the service, I’ll re-up and make sure to finally check it out. Until then, I continue to be optimistic about Star Trek’s future, even if I’m not so hot on its current flagship show. What do you all think?