Please Enjoy These Images From Mondo’s THE ART OF LAURENT DURIEUX Showcase

In which Scott goes broke.

Disclosure: Mondo and BMD are both owned by the Alamo Drafthouse.

The last time the Mondo Gallery rolled out a showcase devoted entirely to the work of Laurent Durieux, the poster community lost its goddamn mind. No one in the business is pulling off posters like Durieux, whose textured, strangely dignified compositions tend to capture the entire essence of films within a simple concept and a few bold colors. His Jaws print is one of Mondo's most sought-after, coveted pieces of work, and his Hitchcock series (which included the hands-down best Rear Window print I've ever seen) is truly something to behold.

And so, when Mondo announced a sequel to that showcase - The Art of Laurent Durieux Part II - hype levels quickly reached a fever pitch. Tonight, the Mondo Gallery threw open the doors on that showcase, and I'm happy to report that Durieux did not disappoint. From a pair of jaw-dropping prints for Stanley Kubrick's The Shining to another pair of prints immortalizing Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now to eight different prints (each featuring a different colorway) based on Tucker: A Man And His Dream to a generous selection of reasonably-priced originals (I came so, so close to buying one based on The Shining) this show was an absolute knockout, and put a sizable dent in this writer's wallet.

I took a number of photos at the show tonight, which I've embedded below for your perusal. Let's give 'em a look.

Mondo's The Art of Laurent Durieux Part II showcase is now open at the Mondo Gallery, and - as per usual - anything that doesn't sell out during its run will be made available via Mondo's website at a later date. Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement, and feel free to hit the comments below to let me know which of the above is your favorite (No one asked, but: for me, it's gotta be one of the two Shining prints; I bought both and will figure out which one's making the wall later).