The Alamo Drafthouse And RZA Are Bringing A Kung-Fu Themed Bar To Staten Island

Prepare to enter The Flying Guillotine.

As the Alamo Drafthouse expands across the country, it's beginning to become as known for its themed locations and specialty bars as it has its continued commitment to giving movie texters/talkers the boot. From the Drafthouse Mueller's circus-themed Barrel O' Fun to the Brooklyn Drafthouse's House of Wax, these watering holes are definitely places you'd want to kick back and have a few beers in after a movie (trust me on this, I do it all the goddamn time).

Today, the company's celebrating Staten Island's first-ever Wu Tang Clan Day by announcing their latest specialty bar, one that'll be a part of the Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island location when it opens next year. And this one? It's a real doozy, folks.

Here's the press release:

On Staten Island’s very first official Wu-Tang Clan Day and the 25th anniversary of the rap masterpiece Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers), Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA are proud to unveil plans for The Flying Guillotine, a kung fu-inspired bar concept. The Flying Guillotine is set to be located in the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island in late 2019.

“It’s an extreme pleasure to be partnering with Alamo Drafthouse on their Staten Island location,” says RZA. “When I first visited Alamo Drafthouse in 2004, I was blown away by the food, drink, and service that accompanied a slew of cool, genre and time-crossing films. The kung fu film selection was my favorite, and the opportunity to see these classics once again on a large screen returned me back to my youth.”

Serving an extensive menu of themed cocktails, spirits, and collaboration beers created by RZA and Alamo Drafthouse’s beverage director Bill Norris, The Flying Guillotine will also include a video store offering free rentals from an exhaustive collection of titles (including martial arts classics personally approved by RZA), as well as an archive of memorabilia and posters that cover the vast span of kung fu film history. Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island will also feature monthly screenings of martial arts classics with after-parties at The Flying Guillotine.

“Bringing the coolest movie experience to ‘Shaolin’,” says RZA, “with a bar designed with the aesthetics of the Wu-Tang vibe – like the Flying Guillotine – and an extensive library of films, this location will surely be a place of many fun memories for Staten Islanders.”

Located at The Boulevard development on Hylan Boulevard, Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island will feature nine auditoriums with approximately 930 luxury recliners. Both The Flying Guillotine and Alamo Drafthouse Staten Island are slated to open in late 2019.

“Like Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn’s House of Wax, The Flying Guillotine is both a bar and a museum,” says Tim League, founder and CEO of Alamo Drafthouse. “Kung fu movies elevated the action genre in terms of choreography, production design, and story-telling. Without this influence, there is no MATRIX and there is no MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE as we know them today. We love this legacy and want to celebrate and share its rich history."

Obviously, with construction set to take place over the next year, we have no pictures to share with you at this time. But we do have one of those "virtual tour" videos, narrated by RZA himself! This thing looks awesome, check it out: 

What do you folks think? You as into this as we are? Anyone willing to fly us Austin folk up north so we can be there when this thing opens next year? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for further updates on the Drafthouse's Staten Island location as they become available.