THE MANDALORIAN Gets A Stew Going By (Maybe) Adding Carl Weathers To The Cast

This Apollo might get to explore a galaxy far, far away.

Carl Weathers is an icon. Apollo Creed. Dillon. Action Jackson. Playing himself on Arrested Development. If Weathers shows up in a thing, that thing instantly gets way better. 

So, the fact that Weathers is possibly joining the cast of Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian, as per a rumor generated on the podcast "Making Star Wars", is pretty fucking cool. The podcast episode in question includes reports from the set of Disney+ series, which is still being veiled in secrecy (the guys at "MSW" even go into how characters are being draped in robes to hide even simple costume designs). They're pretty reliable as sources (and have some decent contacts from the studio), but as of right now, there's no trade report, so treat this as rumor only. 

Still, the thought of Carl Weathers playing anybody in this continuously expanding Star Wars universe is pretty amazing. As /Film points out

"Of course, there’s always a chance we won’t be getting a live-action role from Carl Weathers. After all, he’s done voice work in projects like Toy Story of Terror and the recent Disney XD series Star vs The Forces of Evil. So maybe he’ll be voicing an alien, droid or villain character of some kind. Anything is possible when you’re dealing with the Star Wars universe."

So, what do you guys want to see here? Any weird recurring roles you'd love to watch Weathers take on? Obviously, it's tough to predict, given we know little beyond the directors on The Mandalorian, but dare to dream in the comments below.