Bryan Cranston’s Involvement In The BREAKING BAD Movie Downgraded To “Unlikely”

If, indeed, it ever seemed likely to begin with.

Warning: the following post contains spoilers for Breaking Bad.

There was much excitement last week when we learned that Vince Gilligan would soon begin shooting a Breaking Bad sequel movie, particularly when it was revealed that the plot would revolve around the ultimate fate of Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman. Perhaps our boy would finally get some closure!

But almost immediately, fans wanted to know if Bryan Cranston would be involved, as well. Of course, Cranston's Walter White died at the end of that dearly-departed AMC series, but that didn't rule out the possibility of Cranston returning in, say, a flashback, or as a ghost, or as a very stupid clone of his former self (y'know, like in Multiplicity). At the time, Cranston said he had "no idea" if he'd appear in the film, but now it sounds exceptionally unlikely.

In a new interview on Today, Cranston was again asked about Walter White's role in the forthcoming film, and whether the character is actually dead (note: this is a silly question), to which Cranston responded:

“Yes! What are they gonna show me on a slab or something? That’s not exciting.”'re telling us there's a chance? 

“I’d love to do a Breaking Bad movie, but I’m doing Broadway now and that’s gonna go until March.”

Well, that sorta settles that. With Gilligan and company set to begin shooting the Breaking Bad movie as early as this month, it sounds like Cranston will be occupied for the duration. Of course this doesn't rule out the possibility of him taking a few days off from his responsibilities on Broadway to film some type of cameo (fingers crossed for a dumb clone!), but we're not holding our breath. For the time being, we're going to accept that Walter White won't be a part of the Breaking Bad movie, and that's okay.

Stay tuned for more on this one as further updates become available.