GAME OF THRONES Season Eight Finally Gets A Premiere, Uh, Month

Hey, it’s better than nothing!

We haven’t seen a new Game of Thrones episode since August 27, 2017. The wait for new episodes has been so long, it almost feels like we might as well just enjoy the anticipation forever, much like those (including myself) who eagerly await more books from the series.

But, of course, the final episodes would have to arrive at some point. Today, we finally learn when that will be. HBO’s being coy about the exact date, but they are kind enough to give us a month: April. So, jot that into your calendar and pray they don’t mean April 1st.

To help celebrate the occasion, they’ve also released the following teaser for the final season. It’s one of those “how far we’ve come” type deals with no new footage, but for those who could use a refresher at 100mph, this is quite handy. For those who haven’t seen the show, I’d say this is super spoilery, while also questioning why you’d watch a teaser for the final season of a show you missed.

Game of Thrones’ final season is going to be epic. And short. However it turns out, we only have five more months to wait. Who else is planning a rewatch in the meantime?