We Could All Die Tomorrow: This Trailer For GLORIA BELL Is So Great

A romantic comedy with Julianne Moore and John Turturro? Yes, please (and thank you).

It's always fascinating when directors remake their own films. Personal favorite? Michael Haneke's Funny Games (which is still just as difficult to sit through as the original).

Now comes Sebastián Lelio's Gloria Bell, which sees the Fantastic Woman director taking on his own 2013 Chilean romantic dramedy (simply titled Gloria), only with Julianne Moore in the title role and John Turturro as her mid-life love interest. Oh my God this movie looks so wonderful, as Lelio straight up recreates certain shots from his own original. 

Take a look: 

That's the good stuff right there. The early fest reviews (some of which are quoted in that clip) have been glowing, especially regarding Moore's performance. For me, this is 100% a must see, especially to watch Michael Cera play our lead lady's side-eyeing son.

You can catch this at the theater March 9th, 2019. Order another martini for me, would you?