Bad Robot Adds Six Projects To Slate, All From Up-And-Comers

Including one from THE GOOD PLACE's Megan Amram!

Alongside making giant blockbusters, JJ Abrams' production company Bad Robot has been something of an incubator for rising filmmaking stars for a while. With another Star Wars on the horizon, it can probably afford to throw out a few more bucks to smaller projects, and according to Variety, it's just added six new projects to its slate fitting that very brief. The projects:

  • An "untitled female-driven horror allegory" to be written and produced by The Good Place and Kate of the Dead's Megan Amram (!);
  • Everything Must Go, "described as Clerks for a new generation," to be co-written by Blackish's Lisa McQuillan and Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Bobby Hall;
  • The Steps, "a twist on the possession genre," to be written by Hell Fest's Blair Butler;
  • The Seven Sisters of Scott County, "an original film set in the moonshine-running time period," to be written and directed by The Good Time Girls' Courtney Hoffman;
  • "An untitled contained time travel movie" from Ben Shiffrin, whose sole IMDb writing credit is on the absolutely diabolical-looking (and given its many screenwriting credits, diabolically overdeveloped) Nine Lives; and
  • Only The Lonely, a sci-fi romance by writing team Dylan Meyer and Peter Glanz, and directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane editor Stan Grube.

Not every Bad Robot film has been terrific, but we truly admire the company's willingness to take moderately-expensive punts on relative newcomers. Maybe some of these will turn out to be Cloverfield Paradoxes, but if even one of them becomes a 10 Cloverfield Lane, it'll have been worth it as far as we're concerned. Additionally, several of these key creatives are women, which is obviously a terrific move from Abrams and company. And one of those women writes for The Good Place! Yet another comedy writer turning their talents towards horror. We can't wait.

Bad Robot's latest, the rather entertaining war/horror film Overlord, is in cinemas now. Go see it if you suffer from neck pain; you'll almost certainly feel better about your situation afterwards.