David Lynch’s New Short Film Just Landed On YouTube

It's...as bizarre as you'd expect.

David Lynch has a new short film out, and it hit YouTube today. But don't get your hopes up for a Twin Peaks minisode, or indeed anything narrative in nature - it's a full-on experimental short, whose only characters are ants. Ants! Before we get into what's up with it, here's the film:

So, yes: that's thirteen minutes of ants swarming over a block of cheese shaped vaguely like a head. It's called Ant Head.

Per Lynch, Ant Head is a "short video featuring my friends the ants along with cheese, etc. and one-and-a-half tracks from the Thought Gang album." It premiered at the Lynch-curated Festival of Disruption earlier in the year, and it's actually a bit of promotion - or at least, its release is - for Thought Gang. The spoken-word jazz album, produced in the '90s by Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti, was thought lost for years, with only snippets appearing in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and The Return, but is out this month, purchasable at the sponsored link below.

As far as more traditional projects go (relatively speaking, naturally), Lynch has nothing on his slate for the moment. But given the critical and popular success of the latest season of Twin Peaks, surely someone out there's willing to stump up some money to give a master another shot at-bat.