Grab A Sixer Of Guinness, You’re Gonna Need It For This LEPRECHAUN RETURNS Trailer

This is 100% a real movie, y'all.

When you think about horror franchises that require new installments, the Leprechaun series really isn't the first one that comes to mind. Hell, they've sent that little green motherfucker 2 Tha Hood (twice!) and to space. What other worlds are left for a knee-high maniac to conquer?

Well, don't tell that to Astron-6 member Steven Kostanski, as the Canadian splatter maestro (who helped helm The Void) is bringing that gold-grubbing asshole back with Leprechaun Returns. The only sad part? Warwick Davis has been replaced as the titular Irish menace, with Linden Porco (Channel Zero: Butcher's Block) stepping into the character's silver-buckled shoes. 

If this trailer is any indication, it doesn't matter, as the spot promises a seriously goofy time at the movies, full of gore and super dumb jokes.

Take a look: 

Hot damn, that looks like an ill-advised mess (which means I'm already requesting a screener copy). My personal favorite gag? The mailbox kill. Whoever thought of that nonsense deserves a Nobel Prize. 

Leprechaun Returns hits VOD December 11th. Stock up on Jameson and call your peeps.