Stock Up On Acid, MANDY’s Coming To Shudder This Month

The movie we'll never stop talking about is landing on the best streaming service available.

We love it. You love it. If you haven't seen it, you'll probably love it. If you don't, avoid eye contact with me at parties. 

It arrived on Blu-ray October 30th, and in two weeks, Panos Cosmatos' acid trip hellscape Nic Cage revenge picture Mandy is coming home via Shudder. That's right, the movie we won't shut the fuck up about will arrive on the curated horror streaming service November 29th, right in time for you to gather the family 'round the tube come Christmas and melt all their faces off into one collective mass of indistinguishable flesh. Like Society, but not as erotic. 

This is actually perfect for those still looking to round out their Top 10 - 20 lists of 2018's best movies, just in case you haven't caught the picture by now (note to self: I gotta start one of these). Look at it as the AMC network doing you a solid. 

Oh yeah, and Mandy's arrival on Shudder is just another reason why that place rules so fucking hard. Seriously, everyone involved is doing Satan's bidding, and we're all the better for it. So, get the crew together and celebrate with a viewing bash at the end of the month. If you invite me, I promise I'll bring drugs to share.