Keanu Reeves Gets His Own Nic Cage DTV Movie With REPLICAS

Does he have tax problems too?

Yeah, I don't know, man. 

Replicas is the newest Keanu Reeves jawn, which sees him playing a scientist whose wife (Alice Eve) and kids are killed in a car wreck. Through the miracle of human cloning, he brings them back, only to be hunted by a government agent (John Ortiz baby!) because the clones belong to the government (or some shit). Thomas Middleditch plays Keanu's nervous sidekick, because he's Thomas Middleditch. 

Now, there's another trailer for the movie (which was bought at a non-fest screening during TIFF in 2017) which is essentially selling us a cross between The Fountain and I, Robot (which, now that I've written that down on paper, sounds like the worst movie ever).

Take a look: 

This basically looks like one of Nic Cage's nonsense "I gotta pay my tax debt" DTV movies, only with Keanu in the Cage role. I mean, Keanu's made some shitty choices in the past (Knock Knock anyone?), but it's always disappointing when Mr. Wick shows up in some straight up dreck. However, I have it on good authority that Replicas is sersiouly bonkers (like: borderline Neil Breen bonkers), so a least we have that to look forward to.

Replicas apparently opens on January 11th, and not in Redbox. This is gonna be in theaters. No, seriously.