That PG-13 DEADPOOL Thing Gets A Savage Trailer

Because Fred Savage is in it. It’s PG-13. It can’t be actually savage.

I don’t fully understand how anyone could be excited by Fox’s blatant attempt to squeeze some more money out of Deadpool by “ironically” releasing a PG-13 version. But if that sounds like something you’re interested in, this trailer - which smartly focuses on new footage featuring Fred Savage - is about as good as it’s going to get:

Like I said, I super don’t get it. But Fred Savage is fun! He directed a bunch of classic It’s Always Sunny episodes, so I’ll always have his back. I mainly just think a trailer celebrating a neutered version of this film - no matter how much ol’ Deadpool jokes about it - is such a weird thing.

I’m actually curious now. Who out there is excited for this? Let me know in the comments!