The Final AQUAMAN Trailer Has A Ton Of New Footage

You pal Willem Dafoe is all over this one.

The holiday season is nearly here, and with it comes a whole bunch of big movies. One of them is the new DC jam, Aquaman. For those on the verge of forgetting about this film, here is one last trailer filled with a bunch of new, hopefully enticing footage:

That is a lot. We start with a surprisingly thorough coming of age montage in which we learn that Willem Dafoe taught young Aquaman how to be a heavy metal superhero. After that, it’s all about main plot points, particularly the importance of Aquaman’s trident. Also, there are giant crabs.

I’m still so confused by this film. It looks so busy and overstuffed, yet visually interesting and weird. Some folks have already seen it, but their opinions are still under embargo, which is a bummer because I’m very curious about this one.

Aquaman comes out December 21.