You Don’t Want Dennis Quaid On Your Property In This Trailer For THE INTRUDER

At least it's not Randy Quaid, I guess.

It's a horror movie method of storytelling that was perfected with Anthony Perkins: take an actor whose image is wholesome and then unleash him as a total psycho.

So goes The Intruder, a scare picture where Dennis Quaid (who has played your dad in roughly 9,000 films at this point) terrorizes a young couple (Michael Ealy and Meagan Good) to whom he just sold a dream house. Unfortunately, his deranged widower seems to have trouble letting go of the property, leading to a straight up nightmare.

Take a look: 

I sort of love the loaded image of Quaid - an icon of white bred America - just going batshit nuts against two black people trying to move into sunny Napa. It might not even be intentional, but one could almost mine some subtext about old white dudes' resentment of their neighborhoods being "invaded" by folks who don't look like them. Or perhaps that's just my brain wanting more from the modern genre movie following Get Out's reminder of what a fertile ground for sociopolitical commetary horror has always been. 

Anywho, The Intruder will be released April 29th, 2019. Do I think it'll be good? Probably not. But I'm intrigued.