MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM Is Gonna Drop Bad Acid On The Big Screen

Current King of Horror Grady Hendrix has another movie coming.

My Best Friend's Exorcism fits incredibly well into the current genre movie/TV landscape: a piece of '80s nostalgia like Stranger Things, focusing on a loving friendship between two young women who drop LSD and end up battling evil forces. It's a paperback piece of pulp whose cover looks like a beat up VHS tape and features a body-building priest as one of its primary side characters. 

Welcome to the weird world of Grady Hendrix, who is experiencing quite the pop culture moment. His Paperbacks From Hell won the 2018 Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction. His heavy metal horror novel We Sold Our Souls just hit shelves in September. His script for Satanic Panic was just shot as a Fangoria feature by up-and-coming horror director Chelsea Stardust. That's a pretty solid 2018, don't you think? 

But Hendrix isn't done yet! According to THRMy Best Friend's Exorcism is being developed by writer/director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day), who's producing the project (with an eye to direct) along with Gotham Group’s Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. In terms of matching talent, that's a pretty solid pairing, as Landon has both the eye and ear to bring these high-school seniors' devil-battling adventures to life. 

Hats off to Hendrix, as he's obviously recognized that this is his time to shine, and the genre's all the better for it. He's a true deep-cut freak, and his fascination with '80s paranoia and politics seem just as revelvant to today's uncomfortable social climate as they did 30+ years ago. As fans of the book, we can't wait to check out My Best Friend's Exorcism when it hits the big screen.