Trailer For THEY SHALL NOT GROW OLD Immerses You In History

Peter Jackson's World War I documentary looks fantastic.

Six hundred hours of BBC archival footage. That's what Peter Jackson poured over and preserved with cutting edge technology to assemble his WW I documentary, They Shall Not Grow Old. Jackson color-corrected the footage, using effects work when necessary, new sounds, and 3D to create visuals that have never been seen before. He's literally trying to immerse you inside a pivotal historical event, with the men who fought and died in the Great War. 

Jesus, this looks absolutely stunning. Take a look: 

Unfortunately, They Shall Not Grow Old will only have two dates in the US: December 17th & 27th, presented by Fathom Events. If you want to watch this movie as Jackson intends, you should definitely try and snag tickets for one of these dates. 

They Shall Not Grow Old stirred a bit of controversy after landing on BBC's iPlayer for a week until it was pulled at midnight on the 19th (it was originally promised to the service's users for 30 days). The BBC cited rights issues as the reason for the doc's removal, and hasn't reposted the film since. 

Either way, make sure you try to see They Shall Not Grow Old. Jackson is utilizing the tech he's been trying to perfect via his fantasy films to bring an essential part of our human timeline to life, and by all early accounts, it's a major accomplishment in modern non-fiction filmmaking.