Enter The Spider-Women: Sony Greenlights An All Female Spider-verse Spin-Off

Gwen Stacy and the Spider-Ladies is our new favorite band.

There's just a few weeks to go before Sony drops the (supposedly super good) animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie on our heads, and there's already not just a direct sequel in the works, but a spin-off as well.

Joaquim Dos Santos - who's done work on Netflix’s Voltron series - has been hired to direct the Spider-Verse sequel, which will more than likely continue the adventures of Miles Morales (voiced by Shameik Moore). But let's face it, sequels get the go-ahead all the time. What's more interesting is the second film that's being described as an "all-female spin-off", according to THR. No concrete plot details are available as of yet, but Gwen Stacy is reportedly going to be the lead, with Spider-Woman, Madame Web, Spider-Girl and Silk also rumored to be tossed into the narrative mix. 

Lauren Montgomery - who (perhaps not surprisingly) also worked on Voltron and co-directed Batman: Year One for DC's animation branch - is in negotiations to step behind the camera for these Spider-Women, and Bek Smith, who wrote episodes of the CBS show Zoo, will write the script. Amy Pascal, who has produced both Spider-Verse as well as the live-action pictures, will be back overseeing these films. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who wrote and produced the new animated Spider-Man, are expected to have some sort of input creatively into the project. Avi Arad is also expected to return in some capacity, because he's Avi Arad. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse opens December 14th. I've heard it's flat out awesome and can't wait to see it. Sony must know they've got a good thing on their hands as well, because this is a pretty big commitment to a movie that hasn't even been released yet.

Stay tuned, web-heads...