Matthew Vaughn’s KINGSMAN Prequel Gets Fancy Actors Galore

But is this a movie anyone really wants?

Matthew Vaughn is a talented guy, and I appreciate his dedication to making solid R-rated action films. I also like the Kingsman series in particular. But I just don’t know that I need to see a prequel telling the story of the first Kingsman (or so it sounds right now).

But we’re getting one anyway. According to Collider, that film is starting to get its cast together. Rhys Ifans is in talks to join the film. Daniel Brühl and Charles Dance have already joined. Plus, the thing already has Ralph Fiennes and will star a youngster named Harris Dickinson. It’s not confirmed but Matthew Goode is also being looked at for a role.

Among these new names, we don’t know who they will or would be playing, save for Ifans, who would be getting the role of a “dangerous and manipulative Russian mystic". Collider also claims Vaughn is going out of his way to hire great actors rather than, well, all the super famous people in The Golden Circle.

Which kind of sounds like shade, but don’t forget Vaughn is trying to develop a Statesman movie. In addition to that there’s supposed to be a Kingsman TV show and a proper third entry in the main film series. That is a lot of Kingsman coming our way, so if you hated the first two, I am afraid you are in deep shit.

Among all these crazy Kingsman projects, however, I must admit the prequel we’re getting first is the one I’m least looking forward to. If it has to happen, at least it looks like it’ll have an interesting cast.