HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U Has A Bad Title, But A Pretty Fun Trailer

So this all looks pretty nuts.

I have a confession. I never saw the first Happy Death Day. In fact, I somehow managed to not even see a trailer for it. As a result, I was very surprised by the funny tone of this first trailer for its sequel, Happy Death Day 2U:

As it turns out, my ignorance doesn’t really matter as the protagonist tells us the entire first movie right off the bat. I suppose I should be bummed about spoilers, but the movie’s been out for over a year. So that’s on me.

You’ll have to tell me in the comments how much this adhere’s to the first film’s tone, but it really makes me want to see them both, especially since this one appears to hit some really weird sci-fi points.

Happy Death Day 2U (I am already so tired of typing that one) will arrive on Valentine’s Day.