ARROW 7.08 Review “Unmasked”

Team Felicity.

This post contains spoilers for Arrow.
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Prison changes a man. Apparently, it changes a woman, too. Now that Oliver’s back after getting himself thrown in prison without consulting any members of his family, he’s not super enthused about the wife he’s come home to. He’s not too happy with the state of Star City, either. But hey, Oliver Queen’s never been accused of being the most cheerful person in the room.

Soon after his release from Slabside, Oliver gets back to his mission to help his city. He even gives it a go as Oliver Queen before immediately slapping the suit back on to take on an old frienemy. The Anti Vigilante bill is still in full effect in Star City, but Oliver doesn’t step in as a vigilante. Instead, he leaves the mask behind and stops the inconsequential villain of the week as himself. Just, you know, in the Green Arrow getup.

Max Fuller might be a filler villain, but the story he helps set up is a fresh new direction for Arrow. The Green Arrow will continue his mission, but as a partner of the SCPD. The mayor is nonplussed at best, but it’s hard to argue with Dinah and Oliver’s results. All the same, she has every intention to fight Oliver’s new appointment with the department. Pretty sure the District Attorney’s going to side with the police captain on this one, though.

Oliver Queen left prison a better man, but Felicity’s story is a little more complicated. While he was gone, she had to figure out how to protect herself and her son from the countless threats they faced. Diaz might have been at the top of that list, but he was far from the only bad guy who Oliver pissed off. Her husband’s hesitant to believe that his wife would give into darkness. That changes a bit when she shoots someone in the middle of their living room.

Please remember that I just said prison changed Oliver for the better, because I’m about to explain why him being mad at Felicity for shooting the guy is bullshit. Why is it a problem that Felicity protects them? What gives Oliver the right to be disappointed about the ways that she’s changed? Glass houses on the dark side stuff aside, Oliver absolutely would have gone to more forceful measures if Felicity hadn’t first. She’s absolutely incorrect that this version of her is “stronger” than her past self, but there’s not one thing wrong about Felicity shooting a dude clearly wearing Kevlar who has invaded her home. Sorry Ollie, you did this, and you have no right to be sad about it.

If you’re an Olicity fan and you’re worried that your favorite married couple is about to call it quits, don’t. The flash forwards and the current arc are hinting at it so hard that it seems pretty unlikely that it will actually play out. Frankly, if we go that direction, then just let it be done already. They’re a good pairing, and when they’re doing well it makes the show better, but Arrow’s constant insistence on unnecessary drama between the two can make even the biggest shipper want them to get it over with already.

The aforementioned flash forwards have proven themselves much more interesting than the flashbacks ever did. “Unmasked” gives us a few more answers, but not enough to actually give anything away. We know that Blackstar was working with Felicity in one way or another, and Rene may or may not be running the Glades. Everything seems pretty complicated in this future but, to be fair, the present has a lost Queen child masquerading as the New Green Arrow. So, no judgment, dystopian future!

All of this will go on hold for a while with the members of the Arrowverse all join forces to deal with this Elseworlds business (and then immediately go on winter hiatus). The Legends will be excluded for reasons that we’ll go over in the Legends of Tomorrow review shortly after this one. If you were waiting with bated breath for a new stinger for next week’s crossover, sorry for the letdown. It’s the same tease we got on last night’s Supergirl. Did you see anyone new this time? The Elseworlds event kicks off in six days!