UPDATED: Sounds Like Emma Stone’s Gonna Headline The CRUELLA DE VIL Movie

And I, TONYA's Craig Gillespie may direct.

Given the success of literally every live-action (or, if you're precious about these things, "live-action") remake Disney has produced thus far, it should come as no surprise that yet another one is headed our way. As long as these things keep making audiences happy and generating literal fuck-tons of cash, the Maus Haus is gonna keep announcing 'em. That's just how this works.

The latest? A Cruella De Vil movie, based on 101 Dalmatians' terrifying, chain-smoking villainess. Here's Deadline with the news:

"Craig Gillespie is in talks at Disney to direct the live action Cruella with Emma Stone playing the woman who covets the furs of the 101 dalmation pups needed to give her the perfect coat, sources said."

That's literally the entirety of their post, so there's not much else to report at this time. We can editorialize, though, and point out that Stone's a dead ringer for De Vil (and definitely has the chops to pull off the role). We can also point out that Gillespie's coming off I, Tonya, last year's Academy Award-winning Tony Harding biopic. Is he a good fit for Cruella? We don't see why not! 

UPDATE: A new report over at THR has further details about what Cruella might look like. They are, uh, most unexpected:

"Stone will play infamous villain Cruella De Vil in what is being billed as an origin story, set in the early 1980s with a punk vibe."

...Okay, then.

We'll keep you informed as further Cruella updates roll in. Please feel free to spend the interim celebrating the above news or wailing and gnashing your teeth about further live-action Disney remakes (is this even a remake? Seems more like a Malificent-style spin-off to us), whichever floats your boat.