Sylvester Stallone Says Goodbye Again, This Time To Rambo

How long before we get one of these for Cobra?

Though I’m sure he will have plenty to do with the remaining years of his career, Sylvester Stallone appears to be on a mini-farewell tour. First, he hit Instagram with a video where he basically says goodbye to his most-beloved character Rocky. Now he’s back at it with this video taken just after wrapping on Rambo V: Last Blood:


It’s a long long road that has been traveled ... thank you for the support...

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Last time Stallone hit us with late sequels to Rocky and First Blood (2006 and 2008, respectively), a lot of people snickered only to be proven wrong. I’d say naysayers were even more silenced by Creed. Even Creed II, which honestly gives Rocky almost nothing to do, is still a solid entry overall.

And I want that for Last Blood, even if I’m not sure about the psychologically wounded John Rambo as an American rancher. I’m not saying it’s a super bad idea, but it’s one that’ll take some convincing. I love First Blood, and I love Rambo. So clearly I’m hoping for one more great go with the character, an entry that tips the balance of the overall series back to a quality average.

In any case, it’s bittersweet to watch Stallone say goodbye to these characters. Their time may have come, but it’s still a bummer knowing these’ll be their last rodeos.