Here In The Rarely Okay Place, THE GOOD PLACE Get Renewed For Season Four

And it couldn't have happened to a nicer show!

I watch about three or four television shows a year, so I think I might know what I’m talking about when I declare The Good Place one of the best shows currently on television. It’s funny, has a stellar ensemble cast, and acts as a positive, long-form discourse on the complexity of human morals. I dunno, sounds to me like the perfect show to cancel.

And yet it miraculously endures. Today we got the news that The Good Place has been picked up for a fourth season. Not only that, it’s one of the very first NBC shows to get next year’s order (the other is Will & Grace). Clearly, people are watching this thing! Which is good because we need all the ethics lessons we can get.

The real question now is, how the hell do they keep taking the show to new places? Despite all the nice things I said above, the real brilliance of The Good Place is the plotting and surprises. The whole back-half of the first season is one amazing twist and cliffhanger after another. That might have been a high point as far as shocking plots go, but the show has definitely retained its ability to change everything in ways you (almost) never see coming. I mean, I’d say more but I sincerely would be bummed to spoil anything, even from two years ago.

Anyway, congratulations to The Good Place, a legitimately great and weird show that has found a real audience. And congratulations to that audience too! We’re all winners here! Everyone except Blake Bortles.