The Latest ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL Poster Is Heavenly

Our Deadpool, who art in Heaven...

Maybe you forgot that a new version of Deadpool 2 (this one edited down to a family-friendly PG-13 rating, with brand-new bookends featuring A Princess Bride's Fred Savage) would soon be hitting theaters. We're not sure how that would've slipped your mind, but we'll grant the possibility.

If so, you can thank the Once Upon a Deadpool marketing team for dropping this new one-sheet on us today. In grand Deadpool tradition, it is simultaneously over-the-top and absolutely pitch-perfect.

Take a look...

As you can see, that's a very angelic Deadpool, surrounded by angels (and, yes, Fred Savage). We're not entirely sure what he's doing in Heaven - we're not even sure that should be allowed, all things considered - but it makes for a striking image. Well done, Once Upon a Deadpool marketing team.

Once again, Once Upon a Deadpool lands in theaters on December 12th, and will remain there until Christmas Eve. As previously reported, $1 from every ticket sold will go to benefit the Fuck Cancer foundation (which, in keeping with the film's PG-13 rating, is being referred to as Fudge Cancer when necessary).

Stay tuned for more from Once Upon a Deadpool as further updates become available.