Well They Did It, Spider-Ham Finally Got His Own Trailer

This movie is going to be nuts.

It’s a big week for Marvel stuff. We had Captain Marvel poster and trailer. Marvel announced they’re going to make a Shang-Chi movie. We supposedly have trailers coming for both the next Spider-Man and Avengers movies.

But don’t forget Into the Spider-Verse, which I suppose is more of a Sony movie about a Marvel character, but it’s all a little confusing how things are divided between the two companies. Either way, Into the Spider-Verse looks very exciting. People who have seen it are being mostly positive on the film. And, I mean, it has Spider-Ham in it. What a world.

To highlight that weirdness, we now have a Spider-Ham trailer for the film, in which the little porker does a lot more fighting than I was expecting:

Our wait for this one is almost over, and I for one will be very happy to see what’s in store. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes out December 14.