ALIEN VS. SODA MACHINE: The Showdown We’ve Been Waiting For

Whoever loses, we win.

As you may or may not know, Tokyo Comic Con is in full swing, with fans from all over the world showing up in their best cosplay to mingle, browse the convention floor's wares, and...well, to get into unfortunate dust-ups with stubborn vending machines. 

As spotted by the good folks over at Kotaku, here's a brief video clip of one such showdown, featuring the deadliest alien lifeform in the galaxy getting its ass handed to it by a soda machine. 

Much like the soda this stymied Xenomorph is trying to obtain, this post contains zero nutritional value, but is guaranteed to put a temporary pep in your step and a dumb smile on your face. Please enjoy, and do hit the comments below if you happen to have any further video footage of the Alien getting owned.