The RESIDENT EVIL Reboot You’re Surely Excited About Gets A Writer-Director

This is 47 down on my list of reboots I can’t wait to see.

A few times there, I had a roughly annual go at trying to watch the Resident Evil series, hoping that if I just stuck with it, I’d find something great by the end. I believe the farthest I made was some way through the third one. Amazingly enough, that means I’ve seen the first one more than twice. I still barely remember it.

But what do I know? The series has made over a billion dollars. So of course they are going to reboot it. And according to Variety, that reboot will be written and directed by 47 Meters Down’s Johannes Roberts.

Roberts also directed The Strangers: Prey at Night. That, given the rest of his output and the ongoing popularity of The Walking Dead shows, indicates this might have a bigger horror angle than the first Resident Evil movie, which had that stuff but seemed more focused on sci-fi and action. So if you’re looking for good news here, that’s one angle to think about.

At my house, however, this isn’t enough to raise excitement for the reboot. A good R-rating would help a little, but we all know that’s not going to happen.