Wait, Does This New FAR CRY Trailer Mean What We Think It Means?

We'll find out tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night's The Game Awards, that yearly get-together where the gaming industry piles into one luxurious room, gives awards to each other, and shows off trailers for its latest titles. It's basically the gaming world's equivalent of the Golden Globes, if the Golden Globes were occasionally sponsored by Dorito's, or undrinkable new flavors of Mountain Dew.

Naturally, we watch it every year. 

This year, rumors suggest we may see the trailer for a new Avengers game, in addition to sneak peeks at a few other highly-anticipated titles. One thing we weren't expecting was the announcement of a new Far Cry, which the teaser trailer below may just be hinting towards (but probably isn't).

Oh, and it also completely spoils the ending of Far Cry 5, so don't watch this if you haven't finished that one yet.

So, first things first: this trailer is teasing a direct continuation of Far Cry 5's storyline, which - as you definitely know after watching that clip - ends with a whole bunch of nuclear bombs going off. Some players were turned right the fuck off by that nihilistic ending ("What the hell was the point of all this, then?"); others embraced the inherent bleakness of the whole thing ("Haha, there was really no point to any of this, then!"). However you felt about it, looks like the next Far Cry offering will pick up right where those explosions left off, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Will it be a full-blown game, though? It's not impossible, I suppose, but given the proximity to Far Cry 5's release, it does seem unlikely. What's far more likely is that Ubisoft is teasing some kinda Far Cry 5 spin-off or DLC, something in the vein of Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon expansion. That wouldn't be quite as exciting as an entirely new Far Cry title (especially one which serves as a direct sequel to the previous game!), but whatever: we're still very intrigued by the idea of a post-apocalyptic Far Cry, if that's what this is.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow night! In the meantime: did you play Far Cry 5? Were you feeling it, or not so much? What other games are you hoping to get sneak peeks at during tomorrow night's Game Awards ceremony? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for more as further info becomes available.